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Sell ebooks worldwide with Booklinker

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Authors looking to make money online by selling more ebooks now have the opportunity to do so through

In the past, authors looking to capitalize on ebook sales have often missed out on opportunities to sell ebooks abroad. This is largely due to the fact that when authors in the U.S. post links to their work on several social media channels, those links are only accessible to people living in the U.S. For instance, if you have a great novel that's well-received and getting good sales, that doesn't say much for a person living in the U.K. or Japan who may want to read it. When they click on that link, it takes them to the U.S. store (mainly Amazon). makes it easy for authors looking to sell ebooks worldwide to post links into their database and get a customized worldwide link that's accessible from anywhere in the world. Just setup and account, click the 'Create Link' icon and post your link from Amazon. Once that's done, gives you your very own link to use. Another great feature provided by the site is the ability to track the progress of your links. Each book link you post gives you an estimate of how many clicks the books are receiving, along with what countries they are coming from.

The bonus of this is that you quickly learn what titles are generating interest and performing well. These numbers can help authors make informed decisions on everything from SEO, cover/title design and overall marketing strategy. also provides customize links for author pages for authors who want to post links to where readers can view their entire catalogue. For increased click through rates, better visibility and overall sales, those looking to sell more ebooks worldwide should look to as a valued resource.

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