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Sell more ebooks with Smashwords

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Writers looking to sell more ebooks online in the past few years have always looked to mainstream retailers like Amazon for success in today's digital age. While success has been possible for many self-published authors, the lure and overall exclusive clause of its KDP Select program has left many searching for alternatives to sell more ebooks through rival retailer Smashwords.

Founded by Mark Coker, Smashwords is an online retailer where independent authors can publish their ebooks online and receive 85% royalties. With Amazon's KDP Select program, authors are required to remain exclusive with Amazon for 90 days in exchange for 5 free promotional days and inclusion into its lending library. This move has caused both praise and controversy over the exclusivity clause. With Smashwords, no such requirements are needed.

Whereas before authors were looking to generate revenue from publishing through Amazon, Smashwords provides authors the chance to publish through their site and sell more ebooks through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and other retailers. Provided authors can format their ebooks according to Smashwords' style guide which automatically checks for formatting errors and other guideline issues, their work is made available to its premium catalog.

Selling more ebooks through Smashwords while not entirely new, can prove to be a much more lucrative avenue for writers who may have never heard of it before. With so many options to sell more ebooks and achieve success in the indie publishing industry, Smashwords provides authors with more tools to get their work in front of many authors as possible without going with them exclusively.

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