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Nook Snaps-an alternative to Kindle Singles

photo courtesy of Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Barnes & Noble looks to maintain its stake in the e-reader market with Nook Snaps, a collection of short form fiction and journalism comparable to Amazon's Kindle Singles program.

With independent publishing riding a tidal wave of success and speculation over the years regarding Amazon's domination over the marketplace, Barnes & Noble is now drawing more attention over to its e-reading gem along with providing more opportunity to budding authors yet to be established. With Amazon's Kindle Singles program, writers are able to submit previously unpublished work ranging between 5,000 and 30,000 words. Whether it be fiction, essays, memoirs or short form journalism (which is in high demand), writers have the benefit of being vetted by a team of editors. This in turn draws tremendous earnings potential, as authors published under the Kindle Singles imprint receive 70% of the royalties along with a tremendous amount of promotion from Amazon.

With Barnes & Noble, Nook Snaps is nearly the same concept, yet with a few differences. Authors published under the Nook Snaps program receive 100% of the royalties for the first 60 days while the content is exclusive to Barnes & Noble. After that, the royalty rate drops to 40% and authors have the option to publish the material with other venues such as Amazon or iTunes. Still, for a company looking to maintain afloat in the e-reader market, Nook Snaps provides another venue for authors either on the fence or have had trouble getting past the gatekeepers over at Amazon. While the ability to still self-publish on either site outside of these programs is still present, the marketing and earnings potential is what should draw out more and more authors looking to generate revenue.

For more information, visit Nook Snaps.

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