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Kindle Singles-a lucrative opportunity for writers

video courtesy of YouTube/Mishka Shubaly

With Amazon making tremendous leaps and bounds in the publishing market via the phenomenal success of the Kindle and its Amazon KDP Select program, the juggernaut has another profitable venture under its wing with its Amazon Singles program.

Upon first glance at the moniker 'Amazon Singles', one comes up with a crass mashup of the latest dating sites flooding the internet. What it is really is a rather novel concept open to both well-established and emerging writers to gain an audience for their 'singles'-manuscripts that are either to big to be published in magazines yet not big enough to be a novel. A very promising avenue for for what's affectionately known as 'boutique essays'; essays, memoirs and fiction, Amazon hands picks the best selection under the direction of the program's editor, David Blum.

With an impressive resume that ranges from "The Wall Street Journal" to "The New York Times", Blum has spearheaded a program that both writers and competing publishers will definitely take notice of. Already making headway with its Amazon KDP Select program, which has provided significant success to authors from Cheryl K. Tardiff and John Locke to Amanda Hocking, Amazon Singles has already proven to do the exact same with authors ranging from Oliver Broudy to Mishka Shubaly. Interested in numbers? Consider the following:

  • Amazon Singles provides its authors with 70% royalties on their material. All manuscripts under this program generally range from 5,000 to 30,000 words with a price range from $0.99 to $4.99.

  • Author Mishka Shubaly's three singles "Shipwrecked", "The Long Run" and "Are You Lonesome Tonight" which are all priced at $1.99 gained nearly $130,000 in sales.

  • Author Oliver Broudy's singles "The Saint" and "The Codex" which are both priced at $1.99 raked in an also impressive $65,241.16 in sales.

With the writer's market favoring the independent movement now more than ever, Amazon Singles is yet another great opportunity for emerging authors to break through the glass ceiling instead of being burdened with seemingly endless rejection letters from the major publishers. Amazon clearly sees the benefits of everything digital, and has been smart enough to capitalize on this strategy by introducing great avenues for the next wave of bestselling scribes.

For more information on this program, visit Amazon Kindle Singles.

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