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Screenwriters looking to get their polished screenplays out into the market for exposure and future representation should take a look at pushing their material on

While anyone worth their salt will agree that selling a screenplay is an uphill battle at best, is a great website to start getting your work noticed.

Along with other sites such as Script Pipeline, allows writers to upload their material; screenplay, synopsis and logline onto the site at a fee of $60. Whereas Script Pipeline has better longevity with their membership, the two sites complement each other well, and utilizing the resources of both can only add more in your favor. Unlike Script Pipeline, allows screenwriters to actually see who’s viewing their loglines/synopses or downloading their scripts. Per the terms of the site’s rules of usage, you can’t contact producers or agents to check on the status of your submissions but it is a good measuring tool to see how effective your loglines and synopses are.

In addition to being able to monitor who is reviewing your material, the site also allows you to refresh your material to the top of the search engine every few weeks or so in order to reach new potential contacts. It’s a pretty simple process; just go into edit mode on your script information, change a few items around and you’re good. Another bonus the site offers is the ‘preferred e-newsletter’. For a fee of $50 for four months, screenwriters receive a minimum of six leads per week from agents/production companies looking for material.

With so many tools being available to writers looking for their big break, is a good place to start prepping for your future as a working screenwriter. For more information, visit

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