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Here you can stock up on the latest releases of my books.  Please keep in touch as more releases will be available.



"One thing I never could stomach about living in New Orleans...all the damn zombies." That seems to be the overall sentiment to many living in the decadent madness that is the Crescent City. In OCCUPATION two best friends struggle to survive in a post-Katrina New Orleans in which several of the city’s residents have turned into mindless, ravenous zombies. Largely ignored by many in the city/state legislature, the city’s residents are forced to defend themselves against a mysterious epidemic that has many baffled as to the true nature of its origin. 

Now on the heels of a city swept in the madness and hysteria of Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl, two friends race against time in a last ditch effort to discover the truth behind the cause of the virus before it is too late. OCCUPATION is a funny, insightful and haunting story bringing a new twist on zombie folklore.




“What’s it like working in a sex store?” 

That’s a question that Harper ‘Happy’ Downman will soon learn the meaning of…in more ways than one. 

The poster child for middle-class America, Happy is your typical button-down, conservative Christian American with a quaint home, a lovely wife and a dull sex life. At the height of the Great Recession, a drastic turn of events in both his personal and professional life rocks Happy’s world to its very core. All seems lost…that is until his lecherous older brother comes to the rescue with a ‘stimulating’ solution that’s sure to raise more than just eyebrows within his eccentric family. 

Relocating to the decadent, hedonistic streets of New Orleans, he soon finds that he’s way out of his league. In a world of porn, sex toys and interesting characters, Happy takes a memorable journey of sex, love and relationships that he will never forget. 

Porn Again is a funny and insightful romp proving that it’s not always the people who work in a sex store that you have to worry about. Sometimes it’s the people who shop there. 

A tale of faith, love and sex toys. Read it with someone you ****.


Reflections from the edge of infinity...VOL. 1


"If you can't make it a happy day for yourself, you can make it one for someone else." That's the the first lesson learned in a heartwarming, easy to read tale of a young boy's efforts to make friends. From overcoming kids at school teasing him for dreaming big to helping those less fortunate, this collection is created for the Kindle by award-winning playwright lazarusInfinity. The first volume in a series of stories sure to inspire children of all ages.

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